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About us

The main activity of our company founded in 1997, is the purchase and processing of leather.

Purchase of raw hides and skins we done by individual farmers and butchers.

We buy raw leather on the field and in our warehouse for purchasing the skin, in the industrial zone, ul. Klanicka bb, Loznica.

The warehouse is next to the former slaughterhouse in Loznica.

The company currently employs 15 people. We have our own car park and 4 commercial vehicles.

Skin is stored and processed in premises specially adapted for this purpose.

We have a cold storage capacity of 400m3.

The entire process of taking skin on the field ,loading for export, truck or shipping container we do with our own efforts.

Purchase and sell of skin on year level is approximately 1000 t.

We export skin to most of Western Europe countries and Turkey.